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Prospectus on “The Digital Pimp” android app development

Prospectus on “The  Trick Tracker” Android App Development

What is The  Trick Tracker App?
The Trick Tracker App as we are now calling it (open for change) is an android software application to aide both prostitutes and the john's in arranging connections and providing safety to both prostitutes (now to be called Janes) and Johns by providing feedback from each party or group. The feedback reports generated by members and detectives will generate detailed profiles on each jane and john that can be searched to find desired params. It will also provide information on present law enforcement activities that are involved in the enforcement of such activities in the area of interest. A map of the desired location will be available with symbles providing locations of janes, johns, law with color code of when last seen. 

Example of first prototype running: 

As you can see we have already started with preliminary research and testing phase of the GPS tracking system of members.  here we now have two members on the list that we want to track shown on the website map.  We are testing using the open source code from traccar to start to build from.  This code has a working example of both the android client app and the server side that is written in java that we plan to use and expand upon.  If you would like to help us test it you are welcome to login to user: guest pass: guest.  optionally you can also add yourself to be tracked on the map if you install the android app  in the traccar app change the server address domain from to hit the ok button then start the tracker.  On the webpage you can then add your device number and you nickname that will then add you to the map to allow tracking.  To track members from your phone you can open the website in chrome or most any browser you have installed on your android.  I  note the zipperhead web site above works very well from my Imobile android phone when used from the Google Chrome browser app on android.  I should also add that this is just a prototype test of one part of the system that we are designing.  This is not the end site that will be used in the final application.

What feature will the Trick Tracker App have?
The app will involve the use of the GPS tracking feature of android phones that will be used to track the location of presently active john's and prostitutes in a given radius range of interest. To provide safety to the girls there will be a profile of each john that will contain his picture, the number of other girls that he has had (provided by other girls that have had him) and a statement that he is not a law enforcement agent of any kind. Any police or government agent that are detected as members of the system will be band from usage until proven otherwise. Advanced facial recognition software will be used to prevent duplicate usage of accounts as a different nick name, to prevent police or any other member from again trying to join with a new nickname. On the john side of the app men (or women?) can find the locations of girls in there proximity and view a profile of the girls that will optionally contain photo's (photo will still be on record for biometrics). It can also contain rankings from other johns that have had her in the past that may also help determine that she is not a government agent setup for as a sting operation. johns can also submit girls into the system that will aid in tracking girls that don't apply to the system themselves. The reports can also be auto linked together if a photo is submitted and processed with facial recognition to provide all the reports on any single individual. Girls the same way can also submit reports on men that they have had as consumers to submit good or bad reports on. Any one on the system can also submit a report if they see a policeman at any time that they see as a threat at there location with a simple click (see cop). This data will show up on the system map page as color coded dots as to how long ago a law enforcement agent was last seen in a location and dots of the locations of both johns and janes that have also been seen or detected and how they rank at the time. This application will originally be specifically designed to support Pattaya that has the biggest percentage of prostitutes to residents in the world but it should also work in most any other place on the planet as there is not much difference in what is needed no mater what the location.

What is needed?
I am going to attempt to start development of the application myself and with my own out of pocket funds to pay for infrastructure and continued costs, but I feel it will take me too long to finish and will never be the quality that I really want if I have to do it alone. So what we need is money to spend on the development. I see the entire project costing about 165,000 USD to be completed in about 12 months with the help of 4 full time software engineers and some other staff with some added part timers and specialists contracts. With less money it will just take longer to complete and won't have all the desired features. Also part of the funds would be used to setup the first database using paid investigators to collect and maintain for a time to get it started before the members continued to collect what data is needed. There will also be continued infrastructure costs for database and website support and system admin, that will continue even after software development is mostly completed and maybe problems with governments trying to close it down if we did start such a thing and it got popular. So we might later also need uncentralized infrastructure using something like Etherium that can't be shutdown by governments. This part of the development will end up costing more money, but will make it an unbreakable entity in itself.

How will the system be funded?
The software development capital needed could be funded by something like kickstarter or if they don't accept such projects we would have to submit equity shares in the project in some way to collect the needed startup and maintenance capital. Later funds can be collected from members for added services fee that would include police, janes, john tracking, message sending between members and other services. Each of the added services will start as free, but will later be added fees at very reasonable rates of like 30 baht per month or 300 baht per year to be a VIP member with all privileges to start. For different regions we may charge different fee's rates.

How to get started?
The project will be broken into stages. My first plans are to develop a simple tracking app on android that sends updates of location to a web database. To me this is one of the most complex and most needed parts of the android app. Other parts of the android application of uploading images to the central database should not be as difficult. Most of the system application will be performed on the website and or cloud side. To start this part of the application will run on my local Linux system but will later be moved to a virtual web cloud server. The more advanced cloud application part includes facial recognition that will be in the later stages of development, will be another one of the most complex parts of the system. In stage 3 if needed we have to convert web site and cloud infrastructure into uncentralized Etherium for all cloud based activity. We won't have to worry so much about this stage until we start getting popular and start having governmental problems but I'm sure in the long run this will be needed and costly in time and money.

Foreseen problems
I see problems on three sides, the technical and legal governmental and popularity sales sides. At this point I can only focus on what I'm good at, that being the technical side. But we should also focus on the problem of how to popularize/sell the systems usage, Making a user friendly easy to use feature rich interface. Later we will probably have to deal with governments dislike of an app that can circumvent crime enforcement. Maybe for some window of time the system may have to go underground to prevent government involvement, but I hope to find a better solution using uncentralized cloud systems and Biometric authentication. The problem with biometric authentication can also be self incrimination of members by submitting this information. So the database must be encrypted and used in a manner that prevents it from ever being used against any members by law enforcement.

New feature ideas:
Geo fencing using with GeofenceModel mestalla = new GeofenceModel.Builder("id_mestalla"). This would allow auto disabling tracking within a set radius of one or more points, example your home so girls don't get tracked all the way to where they live or do a day job.

I had a lot of input feedback about changing the name of the app that I think is important and I will add the suggestions here.
digital wingman
HoPS or Ho positioning system
BGF or Bad Girl Finder
courtesan detective
Digital Pimp
puuber ( that is derived from the uber taxi service with pubic added)

• Planed usage of OpenBR open source facial recognition

• Create bookings requests for girls (setup appointments) with a small prepayment required.  for this you have to be on the girls oked list.  The girl also sets up the time and days she is working on the list.

• Girl auctions.  setup actions for a time and date

• Message girls to see if you might like each other or not

 With enuf funding, there is no end to services that we can provide to help circumvent governments involvement in the worlds oldest known occupation and to provide access to better safer services for johns and provide better money making opportunities and a safer environment for janes.

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