Friday, April 1, 2016

Digital Pimp continue development

Update Apr 11 2016:  We have published the first version of Trick Tracker at:

We are  using leaflet map in the development of the now renamed website app called "The Trick Tracker".   It looks to make things much simpler than I expected.  The first prototype of a map website with some of  the new custom icon symbols is now fully operational with real time auto updates every 10 seconds here: that looks like this:

The map now also supports fullpage view that can be entered and exited from the button at the top left of the map (not seen on the above screen shot).

The target entry page of the website can now be accessed directly at:
or can be accessed from the Menu from the map page.

Each target icon symbolizes a different types of tracked items including:

The Sexy Supper Star Icon for girls you would expect to pay 1000+ bhat for.

The Fat Girl Icon:

Nice Normal Girl Icon for a girl that is at least not fat and smiles at you and gives you the 3 second stare indicating she's available to you and expect her to cost less than 1000 baht:

Skinny Small Girl Icon:

Running Cop or Cop in Motion Icon indicating police in pursuit of some girls at this time and place:

Man with money indicating a customer for girls:

Lady Boy icon to symbolize kotoys:

 I'm here icon to show a friend or a girl where you are to help her find you:

New Beer Party icon added:

New Eating Here icon added:

I've also added a few more icons including a static or standing cop indicating he's just there and not chasing any girls yet.  I also have another icon of the police truck that is what they use to pickup the girls so we should keep an eye on it's location.

Update Apr 10 2016 10:16pm
I added the Menu option on Send Trick Position page and new added Config page that allows the setting of the default Map Center lat lon and other new options:  The menu also allows switching to another map screen that also has the menu option, but the default map uses the full page so to make changes in configs you have to manually link to the config or send page at
At the bottom of the Config screen I also added a map link that allows you to send your default settings as a link to send your map info and position to a friend using skype or email or other methods. There is a few things I didn't finish yet that the Configs already have ready to use.  this includes the Track ID.  This will allow you to pick out any members ID and display his last known position and path track over a period of time determined by Track Trail Time (in minutes) that is also settable in config.  All config values are saved in the browser local storage.  At first run it will setup some default values and a random ID number for you.

Update Apr 10 2016
I added a test feature to setup tracks on myself (Scotty) over the last 3 hours so you can get an idea of the path and or if I am moving much at all.  I plan to have this for an option on all users in the future releases.  It will also be an options as to how far back in time the track will display on any tracked object.  Another added feature is a method to send a link to Trick Tracker that positions the center of the map at any point on the planet with options to add an icon at the center lat lon.  I will also later setup default settings of map center at start that will be settable by users in config and stored in the browser storage for the next time you go to the page.

Update Apr 9 2016
The web site now seems to be fully functional and tested on my android Imobile phone as two separate websites. One to control the added icons and another that is just to view what is presently seen on the map.  I will later provide links between the pages to switch between them.  You might notice that the Map website defaults to the location of Pattaya beach as were I live now.  I will later make it so you can set the default position and zoom that will be stored in your browser storage each time you visit the page.  I also have it presently setup on the map section of the site so that the first 10 seconds after you go to the site (no login or sign up needed)  that it will display all the targets collected over all time that are now present in the website database (less the users).  after 10 seconds the page auto refreshes with the user icons added (now only 2 with me Scotty and a test phone that is left in my room).  After 20 seconds on the website it then removes any targets that were not added or updated less than 25 hours before.  After this time the map will auto refresh every 10 seconds with any new target over 25 hours with info and users movements changes shown.  This way you can see what was at your present location just one day before as we find many girls end up in the same place each day about the same time.  You can also click on any target seen on the map to bring up a popup that includes some details of the target including who added it (id code number no names) and time and date that the target was acquired.   In the control website I've setup simple and big buttons as seen above that when you hit one it sends the location of the desired icon target as your present position on the planet.  On the first send of a target, a popup will ask if you want to allow your target to be sent as a security that is built into your browser.  On first entry to the control website a 7 digit random user ID number is generated and saved in your phones browser storage.  This number is also sent with any targets sent by this member over all time every time you run the site from this browser.  This ID number becomes the method that we presently use to reference who has been providing the information of the targets and this id will later be used in determining how accurate the data seen by this member is and weather it should be continued to be allowed to add icons displayed on the site.      

Older info from earlier post:
I will soon have the tracking setup with these symbols as buttons on the app, where a member can mark a location were one of these symbol items can be marked as being seen.  I will also later add color code or gray out as the time of how long ago the item was last seen at this location and then have it disappear after 60 minutes or so.  I will also later over time add new types of symbol items to identify and track other objects including the police truck.  For tracking I found I don't even need the application installed.  We will be using the features in  HTML5 that includes tracking that is supported in many browsers that run on your phone with very good accuracy or even on your standard PC computer as seen from this test example that we are now also running as a prototype to test html5 tracking:
We can still as an option run the background tracking traccar or other that can run invisible on any android and have autostart at phone bootup to keep a constant track of an item of interest.


  1. How can you possibly track the police or a police truck. You certainly don't want your application on their phones.

  2. At present all data comes from private detectives to collect the first database. later info will come from members that will get discounts by providing more information from each sighting.