Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The new http://tricktraker.com/ web site is born

 The domain http://tricktraker.com/ has been purchased and now has the new version of Trick Traker running on it.

Update: The site name has now been changed to https://www.funtracker.site/map.html.  The site has also been modified a bit to more general purpose fun not just trick tracking.  The main feature shown bellow still exist.

Present Features of Trick Traker:
  • Configurable settings
  • Default user account is auto created, no login needed to post icons and tracks
  • All config settings memorized in browser Local Storage.
  • Map display auto updates with moving tracks and new added icons in real-time
  • Map now has full-screen mode that can enter and exit from.
  • When not in full-screen mode a Menu is now available to switch between Map, Config, Send Trick pages. 
  • Send Trick page allows sending your GPS lat long position when used from a mobile phones like android. (standard computer will also send but not accurate location in most cases)
  • Can create links to send to friends to bring up map views with your location
  • Now have 14 marker icons to choose from and growing
  • New settable time called Track Trail Time to only see tracks and icons on map what was added some number of minutes ago.
  • View a single member or marker contributors track over any period of time by setting of Track ID in configs.
  • Add more popup info on click of marker icon.
  • Default popup info already added with contributor id, timestamp.
  • Config allows modification of what API server to use that contains markers and is the server that you would use to send your targets.
  • server code is setup with CORS to allow API server on different domain than web site.
  • All present project code is open sourced on github  https://github.com/sacarlson/Trick_Tracker

Soon to be added features:
  • TBD

What is tricktraker.com?
 Tricktraker.com was originally thought of to be used to find good girls for hire off the street but has turned into a bit more.  It's really about finding near by fun places to be, in realtime. We have added focus on party marking and location finding.  Ways to tell your friends that this is the place to be at this time.  As your friends can also at some point hook in to be tracked and you can see were a group of them are at any point in time, or you can make new friends that happen to have a party near by your present location.  In some cases with weed parties that are also marked they can still use the police tracking system to keep safe.

We still need more money
The entire project so far has been created with just small donations.  Just think what we could do if we had money to spend on it.  There is nothing we couldn't do.  We are still looking for stake holders in the project.  At present we are looking for an additional 165,000 USD.  We estimate this will be enough to get us started or at least continue development for about 12 months with added consultants and engineers.

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